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WIP: Turbo enclosure

For the industrial miner our goal is to maximize value and minimize operating costs. So in addition to offering great hash per buck, we are also looking to maximize reliability in high temperature environments.

How will we cool a large box? Cooling difficulty follows from power density. While we appreciate the ambitious engineering that went into bitcoin miners, their reliability has proved suboptimal. Every unit that burns out means lost revenue and cost to service and replace. We can do better. So we are looking toward more efficient airflow and thermal coupling, and more reliable power densities.

Actually we are a fan of the push pull fan configuration used in many bitcoin miners. It’s simple and does a great job of removing hot air. See photo of WIP for a six fan push-pull mechanical model that we are building for an airflow study. This unit is comparable in packaging to three S9’s stacked together. It is smaller than a midsize desktop PC.

We believe the greatest uptime and value comes from easily sourced and serviced PSUs. These are high failure components, especially in high temperature environments. A PSU that can be quickly replaced while the Turbo remains on the rack is essential. Flexibility in form factor and sourcing offer value. And widely available used components further enhance it. Industrial miners already have an inventory and favored supply chain for PSUs.

Turbo WIP